The Slaughterhouse Tapes of 1994

Trackliste :
1. Confused (5.48)
2. Thunder (4.18)
3. The silent death of a mother's heart (8.04)
4. Bombs (7.46)
5. President Why (5.37)
6. I never thought (3.55)
7. Burnin' Drums (9.02)

LineUp :
Peter Schneider Lead Keyboards, Bass Guitar on "Burning Drums"
Annette Schepermann  Keyboards 
Hans-Jürgen Klein  All Lead Guitars, Rhythm Guitar, 6 & 12 string 
Acoustic Guitars, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals 
on "Burning Drums", All Vocals on "Thunder"
Wolfgang Schmidt Bass, Bass Pedals, Rhythm Guitar on middle section of "Silent Death", "Burning Drums" and last Part of "Bombs" Acoustic Guitar on "Burning Drums"
Christopher Struwe Drums, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocals on "Burning Drums", Lead and Backing Vocals on last part of "Bombs"